KT Racing who develop the official WRC games have announced some exciting news recently that they will be releasing a brand-new version of the series later this year, WRC 8. This means It’s time to get ready by picking out the perfect cockpit for the job. The WRC series has been around since 2001, and it has been 2 years since the development of a new WRC game. At launch WRC 8 will cover the 2019 World Rally Championship Season and will be the official game for the season. It will feature all current WRC teams, drivers, locations as well as the cars. The game will be featuring over 100 stages in 14 different countries.

WRC 8 will be launching this September on PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch!

Next Level Racing GTtrack Simulator cockpit:

The GTtrack is the perfect cockpit to use for Rally games, Its Sleek and rigid design creates the most realistic feeling for racing as well as its packed with loads of features.

Get yours here in the link below:

Next Level Racing Wheel Stand and Wheel Stand Lite

Don’t have enough space for a full fledged cockpit? No need to worry, Next Level Racing provides the perfect wheel stands that can be moved out of the way at any time. They also feature lots of adjustabilities, check our the stand below: